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Each Pupil start with a number of traits that are either positive or negative or a mix of both. These traits can be re-rolled only once per campaign for a single Pupil in the Council appendix building. Sacred Sites or Ancient Ruins may change the Pupils traits, adding/removing positive/negative traits.

Positive Traits
Name Description Comments
Abstemious This Pupil is ascetic and consumes -50% Rations.
Agile This Pupil takes 1 less turn to harvest.
Animal Whisperer This Pupil tames animals instantly.
Apprentice This Pupil earns +50% Knowledge Points Knowledge Points.png.
Bargainer This Pupil grants access to better exchange prices at the Market. For details about the discount, see Market: Exchange Rates.
Binoculars This Pupil has +1 Vision Range.
Chameleon This Pupil takes the place of the trade required in travel costs. Travel costs that require a certain trade is satisfied right away as long as this Pupil is in the caravan.
Ermit This Pupil does not need housing to work.
Expert This Pupil is an expert in the trade X.

This Pupil doesn't need to choose between the two bonuses of this trade, they get both of them.

Fast This Pupil has +1 MP.
Fervor This Pupil obtains x% more resources from Sacred Sites during a prayer or an offering.
Handy This Pupil needs x% less resources to repair permanent buildings.
Harness Maker This Pupil increases the number of storage spaces available in the caravan by x.
Healer This Pupil heals Pupils that are on the same hex as them for 5 Health each turn.
Immortal This Pupil cannot die as long as there is at least one other non-immortal in the tribe.
Inedian When they are not doing anything, this Pupil does not consume food. No Ration Consumption when Idle.

Works great as an explorer early before the camp is built.

Invisible This Pupil may plunder the resources of a Sacred Sites without suffering the consequences. Works great if you don't have a druid to analyze the site beforehand.

You should be careful if you have a Pupil with the honest trait.

Levitation This Pupil can walk on lakes.
Likeable This Pupil heals themself x health when they are on the same hex as other Pupils. This Pupil cannot consume potions.
Lucky Vagaries have no effect on the building this Pupil work in.
Meticulous This Pupil obtains x% more resources from Remains and Sacred Sites.
Negotiator Exchanges with a Friendly Caravan cost 50% less for this Pupil and grant 50% more.
Planner The tribe has x% more time on each halt.
Prophet This Pupil can warn of Major Vagaries x turns earlier.
Passionate (Trade specialization X) When this Pupil gains experience in a

trade, they get 50% of that amount of expereince in the X trade.

Reckless This Pupil Harvests +300% Resources during Major Vagaries.
Regenerating This Pupil regenerates 5 Health Points per turn. Can negates the effects of Puny and Clumsy at the same time.
Resurrection When this Pupil dies, another comes in the tribe with no trade and new random traits.
Scholar This Pupil earns 5 Knowledge Points Knowledge Points.png per turn.
Self-taught This Pupil gains 20% more Experience Points per harvest.
Stasis This Pupil no longer consumes food while analyzing a Sacred Site or Remains,

or while calming an aura.

Works well for a druid.
Stone-skinned This Pupil does not take damage from fire.
Sturdy This Pupil has 30 more Health Points.
Surveyor This Pupil needs 1 less turn to build.
Team Spirit This Pupil is 50% more effective when

harvesting if at least two other Pupils are in a 2 hexes radius.

Vaccinated This Pupil does not get sick from mosquitoes.
Visionary This Pupil can warn of Minor Vagaries 1 turn earlier.
Negative Traits
Name Description Comments
Accrophobe This Pupil cannot go cross Mountains.
Ageusic This Pupil cannot produce Rations.
Alchoholic This Pupil cannot produce Potions.
Allergic This Pupil cannot harvest X resource.
Blinders This Pupil has -1 Vision Range.
Clumsy This Pupil loses 5 Health per harvest cycle. Building and cooking do not count as harvest cycles.

Can also be negated with Regenerating trait.

Elitist This Pupil cannot harvest from the caravan.
Eternal Beginner This Pupil can only have one specialized trade.
Fantasist This Pupil can warn of Vagaries that will not actually take place.
Fragile This Pupil can no longer work when they are sick.
Frail This Pupil has 30 fewer Health Points.
Glutton This Pupil has a big appetite, and consumes +50% rations.
Hard-working This Pupil cannot be motivated to move for any reason other than work. Cannot give this Pupil the move command.
Inattentive This Pupil gains 20% fewer Experience Points per harvest.
Invading This Pupil takes 2 housing when working.
Lazy This Pupil use 1 housing even when not working.
Paper-skinned This Pupil takes double damage from fire.
Puny This Pupil loses 1 Health Point per turn.
Simple-Minded This Pupil cannot earn Knowledge Points Knowledge Points.png.
Slow This Pupil has -1 MP.
Shy This Pupil cannot meet with a Friendly Caravan.
Tinkerer This Pupil cannot construct buildings.
Yellow Belly This Pupil cannot work during a Major Vagary.
Neutral Traits
Name Discription Comments
Delirious This Pupil collects 100% more resources when sick. Blue Trait
Maximus This Pupil has 200 health points.

This Pupil has 2 additional negative traits.

Blue Trait
Minus This Pupil only has 1 Health Point.

This Pupil has 2 additional positive traits.

Blue Trait
Nanny Recruiting Pupils in a Friendly Caravan is always free.

Pupils recruited don't have any Trades.

Blue Trait
Test Subject When they are not doing anything, this Pupil loses 5 Health Points but

earns 40 Knowledge Points Knowledge Points.png every turn.

Blue Trait
Theoretician This Pupil gains 20% less experience, but the same amount of Knowledge Points Knowledge Points.png. Blue Trait
Honest This Pupil leaves the tribe if a Sacred Site is plundered. Purple Trait

Neutral traits can be rolled as a positive or a negative trait.